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--Stopped, maybe forever, why? its not the quality I want to have.--
What will happen? -> new RPG, but this will take some time. (When I have the voxel models and rigged more Enemys I will start.)

The Mobile version v1.0.0 pre 4 is the best version to play!

The game never was public aviable, just for me and my friends up today (25.06.2019) because I decided on stopping doing this boring fighting system.

Game not finished, but somehow playable. (I talk about the Voxel Idle RPG - preX a1.0.0 versions)


email: ererbe.ideasandhelp@gmail.com
comments: below


  • Idle-Fighting system
  • Character creation
  • saving and loading
  • attack animations (at the moment just enemys)
  • Equipment and Inventory
  • visual information about enemy drops
  • Spending stat points to different stats


  • 12 different Stats
  • 11 magic Elements
  • 2 Dungeons + 1 Boss Dungeon + 1 Infinity Dungeon + 1 World Boss Dungeon
  • 4 Enemys and 1 Boss and 1 Big Boss (1 enemy without model) + 1 World Boss
  • 1 Race
  • 0 Classes
  • 10 Equipment pieces + 9 Weapons
  • 0 Skills

Future Features: (Canceled)

  • Skills
  • Useable Items (potions,...)
  • not just lonely Enemys -> Enemy Waves with different setups
  • not just a lonely You ->Allys (Summons, companions, pets)
  • Different attack / damage types -> example: AoE attacks
  • Status effects
  • the other life drain variants
  • Credits (At this time somebody help me :)
  • smooth hp bars (not jumping between numbers -> floating between them)

Work in Progress: (one of the next update contains:)

  • Decision: both sides move while attack (so they can both hit air at the same time (just visual) or: player can move with attack (more likly) and enemys dosent, or enemys move with attack (not really) OR stopping attack cooldown times while an attack animation is trunning.
  • one or more of this races: Dwarfs, Elfes, Orks
  • a new dungeon: ? (in planning)
  • Class-tree and progress in the class tree
  • first 2 dungeons decorated (and the main menu)
  • Coins/Money (exist in numbers, but no use or visual feedback)
  • better Icon for the game 
  • a real name for the game

  • cover image for itch.io
  • screenshots for itch.io

Unknown if this will be added:

  • Resetting the spended stat points. -> maybe
  • Enchantments for weapons ("heavy" enchantment = slower attack, more damage , "burning" enchantment = fire damage bonus, ...) -> very likely

Known Bugs:

  • currently no :)
  • Boss Hp bar to big with most bigger screen sizes (fixed after a0.3.1)
  • Total base stats have the wrong text color (fixed after a0.3.1)
  • stat points left to spend counter is not counting after spending point (fixed after 0.3.1)
  • The head is clipping through the hair (hair style 2) (fixed after a0.3.1)
  • Total base stats are not calculated right on game start (fixed after a0.3.1)
  • stat menu and fight menu can be open at the same time (fixed after a0.3.1)
  • Slime animation looks weird on looping (fixed after a0.3.1)
  • Enemy animation dosent hit the player. (what will happen to attack animations?)
  • Dungeon Completed showed up if dungeon finished but leaved through quit dungeon. (fixed in a0.6.0)
  • Dungeon Completed screen dosent show up in a0.6.0 just when you play your first dungeon. (fixed after a.0.7.1)
  • Changing from "Sell Item" to "Stat Points" dosent close the "Sell Item" menu. (fixed in a0.7.0)
  • Required level for Items is not Required (fixed after a.0.7.1)
  • in a0.7.0 high was equal to very high (fixed in a0.7.1)
  • Second ring slot dosent showed Item Icons (fixed after a.0.7.1)

Install instructions

extract (recommend: make a extra folder first) the zip file, the extracted files have to be at the same folder. then you can start the Voxel Idle RPG.exe

Install the apk file like any other apk.


Voxel Idle RPG - v-a0.3.1.zip 16 MB
Voxel Idle RPG- v-a0.3.1.apk 24 MB
Voxel Idle RPG- v-a0.4.1-unstable.zip 16 MB
Voxel Idle RPG- v-a0.5.0-unstable.zip 17 MB
Voxel Idle RPG- v-a0.5.0-unstable.apk 24 MB
Voxel Idle RPG- v-a0.5.2-unstable.zip 17 MB
Voxel Idle RPG- v-a0.5.2-unstable.apk 24 MB
Voxel Idle RPG- v-a0.6.0.zip 17 MB
Voxel Idle RPG- v-a0.6.0.apk 24 MB
Voxel Idle RPG- v-a0.7.0.zip 17 MB
Voxel Idle RPG- v-a0.7.1.apk 24 MB
Voxel Idle RPG - pre1 a1.0.0.apk 24 MB
Voxel Idle RPG - pre1 a1.0.0.zip 17 MB
Voxel Idle RPG - pre2 a1.0.0.apk 25 MB
Voxel Idle RPG - pre3 a1.0.0.apk 25 MB
Voxel Idle RPG - pre4 a1.0.0.apk 25 MB

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