A downloadable game for Windows

-stopped for ever, maybe there will be a rework -> spaceship control dosent work how it should because i tried to add new mechanics like jumping...- will continue when I have better knowledge!

edit from 2019: probably in autumn because I know how to fix stuff!

This is a very early version of this game!

There will be no KI enemys (I don't think there will be)

so this game is a race where you have to finsish the game in different times (better time -> better trophy)

This game contains:

  • 3 Race-spaceships
  • 1 Map (flat, because i still need to work on the control of the spaceship)
  • lots of obstacles
  • a respawn system (you will need it)

next steps / updates:

!- still a better spaceship controller

  • 1 new map (is finished...) and a map system
  • time system and round count system
  • trophy system
  • main menu (with options etc)
  • save system
  • music
  • sounds
  • maybe multiplayer or co-op
  • maybe power-ups

Ideas and etc -> comments or e-mail: ererbeideasandsupport@gmail.com

Made withUnity, Blender, Paint.net
Tags3D, Space
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions


start the .exe


UniverseRace v-0.1.zip 21 MB
UniverseRace v-0.3.0.zip 47 MB


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Yay! Downloads!