-This game will get a complete rework... I will do the most things new.-

maybe saving for browser version? ;)

This game was made for the All You Do is Click Click Click Jam.

I had so much fun creating this game and the assets, that I decided to make much more content!

You can send me ideas per mail, or leave a comment.

Please tell me if you found bugs, I fix them (if I can).

contact: ererbe.ideasandhelp@gmail.com

At the moment you dont see that much Voxels, but that will change. I have an Idea and a concept for a village/city system :) (How I will get good performance on mobile devices...)

This Game have:

web version (0.14.6):

  • 4 clickable objects (like the big cookie) (1 is a easter egg, im interested how get it first)
  • 26 Ressources (+ Coins / Money and a Trade Menu for every Ressource)
  • 24 Structures

Downloadable (0.19.1): (pc is coming later)

  • 9 clickable objects
  • 26 Ressources (+ Coins / Money and a Trade Menu for every Ressource)
  • 24 Structures
  • save button (loads automatic)
  • particle effects
  • options

next Update:


what will be new?

  • an option to turn auto saving on and off (so autosaving)
  • more Quality Settings
  • (huge numbers (working on it), for the money, limit to the ressources (so that the float system dosent break...))
  • then: city system

The mobile version will get any update.

The downloadable pc version (just windows until now, i dont have a mac/linux to test...) will get most updates after tested for bugs :)

The browser version will get every big Update.

Have fun! :)

Published Jul 23, 2017
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Made withUnity, MagicaVoxel, Paint.net
Tags3D, clicker, Voxel
Average sessionA few seconds


VoxelClicker v-0.17.0.zip 42 MB
VoxelClicker v-0.17.0.apk 51 MB
VoxelClicker v-0.19.1.apk 52 MB